We set ourselves an ambitious goal for our first Winter Charity Appeal.

  • What did we want? 300 blanket donations!
  • When did we want it? This winter!
  • Why did we want them? To help those in need of some warmth!

We chose the Saint Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal to support this year because Kate had seen an advert requesting blankets in The Mercury and we know they do brilliant work distributing donations to the people who need it most. One blanket or quilt was donated directly from our professional fees to Vinnies for each property settlement in June, and we put the call out to our clients and other Tasmanians  to bring in donations.

In total in June we collected 184 donations and handed them over to Vinnies. What surprised us most were our generous clients and friends not only bringing in multiple blankets each to donate, but also buying brand new bedding to give… we thought it was SO AWESOME and we didn’t want the awesomeness to stop just yet.

So, we said we wanted 300 and we had 184. We were over half way there and we aren’t the type of people who give up! We kept going until the very last day of July when Virginia went and bought 2 new blankets to add. We finished up with 310 donations and we only hope to go above and beyond this figure during our Winter Charity Appeal 2016!