Welcome to Goodman Conveyancing!

Buying or selling a house is an exciting time!

No doubt you want to know a few things about us.

First things first, we operate on a flat rate fee structure. This means that we’ll advise you upfront of all the fees and costs involved and then no matter how many times you call us, or how many times we make contact with you – nothing changes! There’ll never be a nasty surprise at the end.

We believe in keeping you informed. We are always happy to take your calls and answer any questions, so always feel free to pick up the phone – for us, there is no such thing as a dumb question!

Oh and we love keeping it simple! We’ll outline what we require from you, and the process involved and then we just get on with making it happen – just as we’ve been doing for over a decade.

But, most importantly, here at Goodman Conveyancing, we genuinely love what we do! And that’s providing outstanding and friendly service for our customers.

Check out our fees and costs calculator.