What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the transfer of legal ownership of a property. It is the process required when you purchase, sell or transfer ownership of a house or vacant land.

When should I engage a conveyancer?

As early as possible in your property sale or purchase. Our service to you can start as soon as you make contact with us and tell us your individual needs. We can advise what contract clauses will best protect you in your sale or purchase.

Do I need to visit your offices during the conveyance?

Many of our clients never visit our offices and instead choose to communicate with us regularly by phone and email. Of course, we would love you to see our wonderful offices anytime, but it is certainly not a necessity.

If you would like to visit us, find out where we are here.

Do I need an appointment to see my file manager or conveyancer?

We are happy to see you anytime; however, as we tend to do settlements out of our offices throughout the day, we recommend you ring ahead and book a time with us.

I would like Goodman Conveyancing to act for me. What do I need to do?

Great! We would love the opportunity to act for you.

If you haven’t signed the contract yet, even better. Arrange a copy of the contract to be sent to us either electronically to


or by mail to

GPO Box 560, Hobart 7001

We will look over the document and make sure you fully understand your legal obligations. If you have already signed, advise the real estate agent that Goodman Conveyancing will be representing you and ask them to forward us a copy of the contract. We will then get in touch with you to talk you through the next steps.

What is the difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor?

A licensed conveyancer is a professional who is authorised by Consumer Affairs to advise on conveyancing matters relating to the Land Titles Office Act 1980.

A solicitor is able to advise on other legal issues in addition to conveyancing.

Do I need to attend the settlement?

No, that’s our job! We will attend settlement for you and give you a call once we can confirm the transaction was successful. Our favourite part of the job is telling our clients they have sold or purchased a property!